Last Day for Summer Season 2020

Last Day for Summer Season 2020

Shop at Mealy Mountain Gallery TODAY

20 Lethbridge Lane
Cartwright, Labrador

This is the last day for Summer season 2020.  You won’t want to miss it!  If you are in or near Cartwright, Labrador, come on over to Mealy Mountain Gallery and do your shopping – for the Fall, for Christmas, or just because.

Hope to see you here

Christmas Shopping – For The Fall – OR Just Because

Friday Hours: 9am – 5pm6pm – 8pm

Mealy Mountain Gallery Now I am here in the Gallery trying to decide what to give away at 8 pm tonight?

What Will Be Tonight’s Giveaway?

Stay tuned


After Today – Buy Online

After today all art and craft displays and selling for the next 8 months will be online on this website ( and our two Facebook sites, Pete Barrett Craft and Mealy Mountain Gallery.

Have a great day and if you are venturing out for the Labour Day Weekend, have fun and stay safe.