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Lavender Infused Stoneware Pendants

Copper Tooling



Inspired by traditional designs for the kudlik, I have created three different pieces of pottery, each of which will make a beautiful addition for your coffee or end table. Not just a delightful conversation piece but a functional oil lamp - just add paraffin oil and light the wick.

The Inuit used kudliks (or qulliq as it is sometimes spelled) for light, heat, melting snow, dry clothing and cooking.  It was a 'must' for day to day life.  It was carved from stone and fuelled by the oil from animal blubber.  The wick, which was made from moss, drew the oil to make the lamp.

NOTE:  This product will be available online mid February

New Featured Products for 2019

Clicking on the image(s) on this page will take you directly to the Product Page where you'll find more details and place your order.  Each item will be an original, handcrafted at the time of order using the original design. As a result, you need to allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Original design and handcrafted by Pete Barrett. Her designs are inspired by the people, the culture and the land. In these pieces, the designs were inspired by Inuit and Innu culture.

Labradorite on copper

Pendant - Silver with Labradorite

Pendant - Silver Ulu

shadow box

Blue Berry Shadow Box

Silver Tent Pendant

Silver Tent Pendant

Labrador Snow Shoe Pendant - Sea grass texture

Bronze earrings sea grass texture

Bronze Earrings - Snow Shoes (sea grass texture)

bronze sea grass pendant

Bronze Pendant - Sea Grass texture


Copper and Nickel Inuksuk Pendant

The Labrador Grasswork

Bunches of sea grass is sewn into a continuous coil. The grass grows along the coast of Labrador. It is produced mainly in Rigolet, Cartwright and Goose Bay. Sewn grass was used as a texture creating the original jewellery. Your grasswork in Bronze Clay was hand made by Pete Barrett.

Painted Innu Coats

The painted Innu coats represent the rich culture of the Innu worn by the Naskapi, Montagnais, and Cree Hunters of the Quebec-Labrador Peninsula of Labrador. The coats were the interpretation of a hunters dreams, a tribute to the caribou, a sign of respect. They were constructed and painted by the women. The triangle silver tent pendant is the artist's interpretation of the painted coats in metal.