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New Products and Scenes of Cartwright

You won’t want to miss these beautiful suncatcher inuksuks and get a glimpse of experiences and life in Cartwright, Labrador


Gallery to Open June 28th

Mealy Mountain Gallery, Cartwright, Labrador – scheduled to open for the 2020 Season on June 28th. There will be Specials and Surprises throughout the week


My FIRST Distancing Clay Workshop

My FIRST Distancing Clay Workshop – it’s exciting.


Relax and Restore Balance

Relax and restore balance with my new kiln fired stoneware pendants that have been enfused with Lavender Essential Oil. Available on this site


Today I Will Clean My Loft

Totay I will clean my loft – my sisters and friends understand and some can even relate to such a day, despite COVID-19. Perhaps you too may call it normal?


Design Tip – 2

Design Tip 2 from Pete Barrett Craft …


Design Tip – 1

Design Tip 1 from Pete Barrett Craft …


For the serious coffee drinker

The Slab Pottery Workshop on March 4th was a great hit and so fitting for the serious coffee drinkers. Now to wait until the firing is complete.


Last Week’s Workshop and More

Highlights of the last couple of busy weeks at Pete Barrett Craft – a fun Slab Pottery Workshop in the Valley and Northern Lights Exhibition in Ottawa


Upcoming Workshops + 3 New Products

So excited to tell you about the upcoming workshops in December AND to let you know about 3 of my new products. Read this blog for more information


Featured Products


Indigenous tourism strategy for N.L.

I am delighted to be part of this initiative!

Click here for more info.

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