Pete 2



Artisan;  Jewellery Maker
Culturalist;  Storyteller
Business Consultant;  Entrepreneur


Peyton (Pete) Barrett is owner/manager of a number of successful businesses in Newfoundland and Labrador and in 2012 she was the proud recipient of the Atlantic Aboriginal Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Pete Barrett Craft is one of her ventures. She loves people and enjoys travelling but her passion is creating – jewellery, glass art, silk art, fibre art, painting, and so much more.  She has perfected her techniques with the help of world renowned artisans.  Pete also has a keen interest in teaching others the techniques of the trade and takes particular delight in watching as each student advances from one level to the next.

Inspired by the land, the people and the culture, Pete creates her own unique designs resulting in some magnificent pieces of work.   Her jewelry is made from gold, silver, copper, bronze, steel and pewter.  Her fibre art is often classed as “mixed media” using different techniques in cotton, silk, paint, metals and found objects.

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