2018 Season Begins

The 2018 Season Begins June 15th Experience Labrador and Mealy Mountain Gallery. Mark your calendars and drop by for a visit to see what’s new this year.


Polymer Clay Workshop

My studio isn’t finished yet but that did not slow us down or stop us from having a fun night at the Polymer Clay workshop. Here are some photos of 4 beginners at their first class working with the polymer clay.


Fun-Filled Craft Workshops in Happy Valley Goose Bay

Are you a hobbyist looking for something to do this week and next? If so, why not book a workshop to learn the art of jewellery making. Mealy Mountain Gallery – workshop location 412 Northwest River Road


A Big Thank You

A big thank you to the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce, Rowena House and the sponsors who made it possible for me to attend the Northern Lights Conference in Ottawa and to CBC for the fabulous interview.


Featured Products for Northern Lights 2018

See some of my new jewellery designs in preparation for the 2018 “Northern Lights Conference” in Ottawa. Each product has been handcrafted from fine silver using my original designs inspired by Inuit and Innu culture. Also available for sale on this website.


Experience Labrador Best Visit for 2018

We are so excited and pleased! National Geographic selected Labrador in top 20 Best Visits in the world. Experience Labrador was specifically named.


Mealy Mountain Gallery – Open

Kick starting the 2017 Tourist Season. We are delighted to announce that Mealy Mountain Gallery is now open for the summer (1:00 pm to 8:00 pm daily). Need a gift for your teacher? Come on over to 20 Lethbridge Lane …


Inuit Women Tattoos

The line art of the Inuit Women Tattoos now captured in silver and copper jewellery by Pete Barret. Inspired by embroidery patterns used by women in Nain. A special thank you to Peggy Anderson and Heather Angnatok for sharing.


Design and Inspiration

Art and craft career – A lifetime in design! As an aboriginal artist I look to culture, heritage, the land, the sea, and books for inspiration … to Innu painted coats and Inuit Women Tattoos


Preparing jewellery for the Craft Trade Show

Pewter and polymer clay jewellery.  Tom and I are busy preparing jeweller products for the Provincial Craft Trade Show.  We are updating price lists, talking to some of the buyers of 2015, as we ready ourselves for the 2016 season. Last year we added Swarovski crystals and polymer clay to the retail jewellery to give it a fresh look. 

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Featured Products